About Penny

“Hello, I’m Penny Turner, and I would like to tell you just a little bit about me and my work.

Penny Turner Poetry and ArtAuthor & Artist

A self-taught artist, Penny has created enchanting drawings and interesting characters since she was a child. With inspiration drawn from her own childhood, she produces books and works of art that both children and adults adore. A love of animals and the British countryside also influences her work, which she has been producing since 2013.

Her ability for writing poetry emerged in 2000, when she wrote a few simple words that linked to a rhyme, leading to a torrent of poems, rhyming stories, and the production of her first children’s book, ‘Time For A Rhyme’.

With the introduction of her illustrations, her fine art prints have proved popular with all ages, and driven by customer demand, her new illustrated book ‘The Moon Was Blue’ is currently delighting children all across the country.

Penny lives in Worcestershire with her husband and her valued co-writing partner – her cat!

Penny Turner - About Penny