‘The Moon Was Blue’ - the new illustrated book

For a few years, people have been asking for a book of Penny’s poems and illustrations, buying one or two but wanting to own more – well, now it’s here!Penny Turner new illustrated book

‘The Moon Was Blue’ is a collection of some of the favourite poems and illustrations from Penny’s range.  A high gloss finished A4 paperback book, each of the 74 satin touch pages will delight with loveable characters and captivating verse. This is a book children can read by themselves, or one that can be read together with all the family. The easy rhyming poems will introduce children to the joy of poetry and help them to explore their own imaginations.

You can order the book through all major bookstores, or buy a signed copy by going to the gift shop tab on this website and requesting a signed copy.

Penny Turner - ‘The Moon Was Blue’ - the new illustrated book