Talks and Presentations

There is definitely no better way to experience the classic, fun, and heart-warming poetry and art of Penny Turner than through her popular talks.

Aimed at groups and associations who engage speakers, her talks bring a delightful insight into the ethos of her popular poems, stories, and illustrated characters. Find out how she infuses her work with a feel of nostalgia whilst mixing it with an edge that is both modern and fresh. Hear her read her favourite classic works and describe the whole thought process that goes into her truly original poetry, illustrations, and books.

Why not invite Penny along to your school, club or group to present her work?

Penny Turner Poetry and ArtPenny is regularly invited to groups and clubs to talk about her work. In an hour long presentation, she explains the ideas behind her poetry and illustrations – as well as the methods she uses to create her work – and reads many of her most popular pieces. She also brings along a ‘pop-up shop’ for anyone wishing to purchase from her range.

A fixed fee plus travel expenses applies for Penny’s Presentations and Talks.

Penny Turner - Talks and Presentations